"Activism From The Impacted Person"

There are witnesses that can testify to the powerful commitment of those of us that become activist. Our inspiration to respond with activism is triggered by our need to express resistance. Our spirit to serve emerges from having empathy for the ones impacted.  “Activist promote & define a cause, volunteers agree & serve the cause, a community organizer seeks support for the cause and a hero is the one celebrated for their input or impact on a cause”. The saying goes! “If you don’t practice standing for something you will only get better at falling for anything”. Do you believe that sharing your 1st party life experiences or empathy will help others? Did you know that activist make known the next conversations around social change? We all need mentors to raise our awareness because we are often inexperienced. Have you taken the opportunities to exercise caring for somebody other than yourself? Caring is like mercy and love both require practice to be validated and valued. The activi…